Mesothelioma Lawsuit FAQS

How soon after I am exposed to asbestos should I file a lawsuit?

If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, that prevents you from working or interferes in the performance of your daily activities, you might be considering a lawsuit. In that case, it helps to contact an attorney as soon as possible to avoid running into deadlines that will negatively impact your ability to file. There are statutes of limitation that apply to specific types of cases; you want to be sure yours doesn’t run out between the time you are diagnosed and the time you file a case.

I want to sue, but I don’t want to harm my employers or the people that caused the damage. Is there a way around this?

Liability insurance usually covers individuals and companies against claims such as these, so you don’t have to worry about the adverse affect on people you like. If you do not want to, you do not have to sue your employer for workers compensation. You can elect to sue only the asbestos companies and get compensation from them. These options should be discussed with an experienced attorney ASAP.

Why is there so much asbestos litigation?

By the early 1930s there were individuals in the asbestos industry who knew that asbestos had been strongly linked to deadly lung disease; these dangers were hidden from people whose health was affected by exposure.

American manufacturers and distributors have a responsibility to the public. Their products must be safe for the people who come into contact with them and must be clearly labeled about dangers.

Asbestos was used in many different products for almost 50 years and is still causing illness in people exposed years ago. Citizens who have been disabled as a result of asbestos exposure should be able to hold those that caused their injury liable.

How much will it cost me for you to investigate my claim?

You will never get a bill from us for investigating your potential claim. If you decide to retain us as your attorneys we will work for you on a contingency basis. That means we are paid only if a judgment is won or settlements are reached in your case. There is no charge for work by our members unless you receive a payment from a settlement or judgment. The fees that may be charged and the expenses a client may be responsible for vary from state to state are governed by individual state laws and will be discussed with you by the attorney that you speak with.

How large a settlement or judgment might I expect to recover in a health related claim?

The value of your potential claim depends on many things. In health-related lawsuits such as asbestos, it depends on things such as the medical evidence supporting your diagnosis, how serious your injury is, your actual and your potential losses, and the financial resources of the company that made the product among other criteria. No attorney can rightfully answer this question fully without knowledge of the circumstances of your particular case.

How long does it take to actually get the settlement or judgment?

In some cases settlements are possible within a few months of filing your claim. In other cases it may take much longer. The answer to this question depends upon a number of factors including the court your case is filed in, the experience and reputation of your attorney and how many other cases like yours have already been resolved by the defendant who is being sued. An experienced attorney will be able to help you move your case through the legal system as efficiently as possible and to help people that are ill receive their money in a timely manner.

How do I begin my lawsuit?

You can get in touch with us in several different ways. If you’d like to complete the confidential case evaluation, an attorney will get in touch with you within 1 business day. The information will assure that we connect you with the proper attorney and that you receive accurate information as quickly as possible. The information you provide is strictly confidential.